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Just a few days left to make your 2019 IRA contribution!

Only a few days left on this tax saving opportunity.
The CARES Act, passed at the onset of the pandemic, extended some tax deadlines. You probably know you can file your 2019 tax return as late as July 15. Did you know the deadline for contributing to your IRA was extended as well?
You may have postponed adding money to your retirement plan this year. Many people put off their deposit because of uncertainty around unemployment and expenses. Now that things have settled down, you still have a chance.
The opportunity to put away a little more money where taxes will be deferred until retirement closes in just a few days.
We can help you. Give us a call and we can open or add to your account.
Or, simply click this link and open an IRA today: https://tinyurl.com/yctzuzlx